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About Us Consulytica

We're revolutionizing non-traditional, alternative credit data

We're revolutionizing non-traditional, alternative credit data

We're more than a fintech credit bureau. we're a community-driven force for change. 

Who Are We

We stand as a minority-owned company with a profound dedication to harnessing the untapped potential of non-traditional credit data and technology for consumers and businesses.

Founded by Kevin Gary, Consulytica emerged from a visionary pursuit to offer a second chance to those navigating troubled credit histories or residing in the shadows of credit invisibility.

Our approach is holistic, embracing a commitment not just to renewed credit but to actively shape and contribute to the financial access of our community.

Community Forward & Inclusivity

Our Core Values

We believe in the strength of community bonds, echoing an era when personal connections were paramount. Consulytica strives to recreate this sense of community by seamlessly blending it with state-of-the-art technology, emerging as a modern-day financial companion.

Distinguishing ourselves from conventional credit scoring, our proprietary model takes into account everyday expenses – insurance payments, retail credit accounts, utilities, community tradelines, and more. This unique algorithm ensures a more accurate assessment of creditworthiness, crafting personalized solutions for every consumer.

Consulytica extends its technological prowess to nonprofit organizations, helping them optimize decision-making and funding opportunities. Our solutions enable nonprofits to fund grants through digital branded cards and accounts, fostering controlled spending and location limits. This not only streamlines operations but empowers nonprofits to make a positive impact in their communities efficiently.

We offer businesses tailored technology solutions focused on data analytics and business intelligence. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, we provide accurate and timely data to help businesses make informed decisions. By optimizing operations, reducing costs, and increasing profitability, Consulytica stands as a strategic partner in business growth.

Still have a question? Email us [email protected] or Call us 800-839-9778

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