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Consulytica FinEd

Real credit and financial tools for students to use in everyday transactions. Gain financial literacy education during your studies and beyond. Build real credit, create budgets, and get assistance from Gabby, our AI copilot.

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We firmly believe that fostering financial literacy through tangible credit and banking functionalities, available for immediate application in real-life transactions, is essential for individual success. Consulytica is committed to delivering precisely this capability.

Financial AI Tools
Consulytica Pay
Credit Screening

Account Issuance

Students are issued Consulytica Plus+ Accounts through your account, considered seats. Once enrolled, students have full access to the ProV 24:V3 Credit Score, Consulytica Pay (branded or unbranded cards), Credit Account Linking, and Gabby AI Copilot and other features. These features provide real credit and a payment method for purchases on campus and with participating community partners, which accept some or all Consulytica programs, including Consulytica Pay, the ProV 24:V3 credit score for financing, or Community Tradeline.


Account Linking & Funding

Students can link accounts they already pay, whether or not they report to traditional credit bureaus. This helps them understand how their payment history and credit usage impact their overall credit report and score. Funding their Consulytica Pay account for purchases at participating locations teaches budgeting and shows how spending affects credit. Consulytica Pay offers features like split pay, allowing partial payment initially with a community partner and the rest later. Gabby AI provides guidance and oversight, offering recommendations and updates on balances, score changes, and more for each student account. Additionally, the Consulytica Orange Budgeting System helps students become more comfortable using a budget.

Literacy, Rewards & Reporting Systems

As students utilize their accounts, you’re able to monitor activity such as credit scores, transaction histories, balances, and accounts linked through your Consulytica Portal Dashboard. Additionally, as students conduct specific transactions and activities within their accounts, the Consulytica system awards them badges for their accomplishments, changing the way they view credit and finances.

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