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Your new financial future created in minutes. Our three major offerings put you in the driver's seat for new financial access and inclusion.

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At Consulytica, we are passionate about lowering the barrier to financial freedom. We do this by powering your alternative non-traditional credit data and leveraging our technology.

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Start by filling out a 2-minute application form. We’ll guide you through a quick biometric and identity verification process for security. Once your application is approved, you’ll gain access to our systems and products with no hidden fees. This aims to make financial empowerment accessible to all.


Link Accounts You Pay

To obtain the ProV 24:V3 score, you link your accounts securely to Consulytica’s platform. This includes various accounts such as subscription-based services, utilities, rent payments, and more. Once linked, Consulytica analyzes your payment history from these accounts to generate your ProV 24:V3 score. This score provides a comprehensive assessment of your creditworthiness based on your everyday financial activities, allowing you to access financing options, loan offers, and other financial services.



Now, you can leverage all of your data. With your new credit file established, you can begin accessing financing, loan offers, utilizing Consulytica Pay for your everyday spending, and much more.

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