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Consulytica Features

Inclusivity & Empowerment

We're making it possible to participate in the credit market even if your traditional credit score is lower than average or if you're unbanked, our technology can still provide solutions.

Consulytica's Generative AI

The score is calculated using your payment history, including expenses such as phone bills, utilities, internet, and insurance. Even subscriptions and community-based tradelines are considered in your score algorithm.

Lower Current Bills

Consulytica X

Slash bills effortlessly! Our innovative bill negotiator expertly reduces your expenses, freeing up funds for what truly matters.

AI Based Personal Finance


Simplify your financial life. Our integrated AI system, named Gabby, is your personal finance assistant, providing recommendations tailored to your financial needs.

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Accepted Nationwide

A Independent Financial Ecosystem

ProV 24:V3 Alternative Credit Score & Consulytica Pay

We pride ourselves on offering financial products that can help at any stage of your financial life. Our proprietary ProV 24:V3 Alternative Credit Score & Consulytica Pay products disrupt all traditional methods of finance.

Alternative credit is Recognized by the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) A lender must consider any consumer with nontraditional payment history.

Your Consulytica ProV 24:V3 Alternative credit score is a lot like a traditional score with a few differences. Any score over 720 says that you’re a responsible financial consumer.

How do we calculate your score? there’s is a difference between how we calculate alternative credit data and how other consumer credit agencies analyze traditional data. While traditional credit only uses a small dataset to create your score, Consulytica considers your payment history for everyday expenses.

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires lenders when presented with “proof of alternative payment history” to consider that history when making credit decisions. This means it can be used anywhere you would traditionally apply for credit, including car dealerships, banks, credit agencies, jewelry stores, payday lenders and more.

When you combine Consulytica Pay with your ProV 24:V3 credit score, you get a powerful financial system that operates closely to traditional methods but is totally independent of them, giving you the access and inclusion you need on your new financial journey.

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