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Consulytica X

X Bill Negotiator

Designed to empower you with the ability to lower your bills effortlessly and efficiently.

Getting Started

1. Upload Your Bill

Gabby, your AI Copilot, will continuously look for eligible bills you've entered into the budgeting system. Don't use the budgeting system? Upload your bills securely.

Negotiation Mastery

2. Negotiation Begins

Our experienced negotiation team knows the ins and outs of bill negotiation. We have a track record of successfully lowering bills for our members.

The Fun Part

3. Quick Results

See the savings roll in. You don't have to wait weeks for results. With Consulytica X, you could see lower bills within days, putting money back in your pocket faster.

Don’t let high bills drain your finances. Take control of your expenses and start saving more with Consulytica X. Join our community of empowered members who are paying less for the services they need. It’s time to put more money back in your pocket!

*Results will vary. Not all bills are eligible, savings are not guaranteed, and some may not see savings.

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